TV Tech Winter Drinks

On the 13th of November TV Triangle hosted a TV Tech drinks evening at iBurbia Studios in Chiswick. The event was a relaxed one, and acted as a chance for people from the industry to come and have a play on the wide and current selection of TV platforms iBurbia has to offer.

The Amazon Fire TV was very popular, with many impressed with its functionality and voice recognition. Conversation flowed around how the soon-to-be-launched Fire Stick will work and fill a niche in the market. Google Chromecast also caught the attention of many, and there was a lot of excitement about launch of Google’s new TV product, the Nexus Player. Furthermore TV Triangle guests got the chance to see how to ‘flick’ photos onto a TV screen via Sky box using Wi-Fi. This showcased the new Sky Snapshots feature in the Sky+ app. Amongst the many who attended from the Media Tech industry there were representatives from Google, Connect TV and Inskin. During the evening there was a lot of talk over the launch of EE TV and also over Vodafone's announcement that it's soon to launch its own TV service. There was also a lot of interest in how transactional VOD is evolving.

The evening was accompanied with a selection of beer, wine and nibbles. It ran from 6:30pm to 9:30pm and was a perfect end of year event. The TV Triangle looks forward to what 2015 holds for the media tech industry and is planning many more events for the coming year. To keep up to date with the TV Triangle click here, or sign up to our news letter

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