Innovate UK's 'speed-networking' night is a success!

Fifteen Innovator companies from the TV and media space got the chance to be involved in a “speed networking event”, organised by IC Tomorrow Innovate UK.

The SMEs and start-up companies rotated around a room, giving them 5 minutes to pitch their company to representatives from major organisations. The large, influential organisations who were represented that evening were Disney, Digital TV Group, SkyHD, Arqiva, Samsung UK, Channel4 and Imaginarium UK. This gave the chance for free discussion between the representatives and smaller companies about new ideas and advancements in the industry. It also gave an opportunity for the start of potential partnerships to be made.

The event, supported by TV Triangle, took place in High Road House in Chiswick in the evening of the 13th of October. This meant it was local to most the client companies offices. The innovator companies all had to apply for a place through the Innovate UK website, and fifteen were chosen on their high level of creativity and innovation. Emospark are an example of a small company that were chosen. Emospark were pitching their Android pioneered Wi-Fi and blue tooth cube which allows users to create and interact with emotionally concise intelligence through conversation, visual media and music. Other start-up companies at the networking event included Speechmatics and Karisma Kidz.

IMG 1013Speechmatics have created cloud based voice recognition software which converts audio to text and Karisma Kidz develop games for children which aim to enhance emotional intelligence. All the participating 'datees' were each given time with the client companies in a series of face to face interviews / presentations.  This was a chance to pitch their wares or try and make deals.  A full list of all the participating companies with their contact details is below.






Share anything with sound! Chirp turns audio into sonic barcodes.


CrowdEmotion is a cloud-based, emotional data science company that enables users to link emotions to choice through their own devices.

Dot Origin Limited

Dot Origin is an established distributor and also develops innovative products using smart card, RFID, NFC and Bluetooth Smart technologies.


A Revolution In Human Emotion Through Artificial Intelligence, Emoshape Ltd is dedicated to providing powerful emotional technology.


A platform enabling broadcasters & content rights holders to create, distribute & monetise realtime video to all social platforms & devices


Ixonos is an innovative creative technology company that creates superior and next generation digital experiences.

Karisma Kidz

Karisma Kidz is a multi-award winning brand that teaches children emotional intelligence through digital media and wearable accessories

Nth Screen

Nth Screen is a start-up formed to bring the new social video technology of the same name to market, and to scale the platform.

Parabola Research

Parabola specialises in the development and application of state-of-the-art video compression with a focus on standards and conformance.

Portal Entertainment

We make thriller/psychological horror content for tablets and mobile devices that react to your face.


Realeyes is the world’s leading platform for measuring how people feel as they view video content.

Screenburn Media

Screenburn is a Facebook VOD platform that enables the discovery of new audiences, fan profiling and direct re-marketing.


Speechmatics provides state of the art, cloud-based speech recognition, which converts audio to text wrapped in an easy to use interface.


TVbeat is a complimentary tool that provides real time TV audience measurement to pay-TV platforms, broadcasters and media buyers.

YO.TV/ are the UK's number 1 TV discovery platform, with 4.5 Million users across mobile and web.