Tequila Triangle Launches!



The launch of Tequila Triangle kicked off with an event on Tuesday 6th August at the famous Metropolis Studios in Chiswick.


  • There was a large turnout at the Metropolis Power Tuesday Event with  100+ people attending, a good number of them being TequilaTriangle members (a few of which braved the Tequila shots!).
  • Attendees were treated to a variety of new music from a line up of great bands!

Thabo and the Real Deal kicked off the evening with their summer soul classics.


Shlomo was next up wowing the crowd with his world class beatboxing.


The Sea and I finished with some indie tunes, ending the evening on a high!


  • We are looking forward to next Tequila Triangle event on the 2nd September.
  • Some Tequila Triangle attendees have suggested karaoke, so get practising those classics!


See below for more photos of the event!



Tequila Triangle Banner 200pxFind out more about Tequila Triangle on the website and to keep track of news and upcoming events follow @TequilaTriangle on Twitter!